• Earth Day Kit

    1 Succulent, 1 Jellyfish Airplant, 1 Earth Day lollipop, 1 Globe Stress Ball, 1 Break Your Own Geodes Rock
    Earth Day Kit

  • Snack Kit

    7 Prepackaged food items with custom sticker
    Snack Kit

  • Relaxation Kit

    Aromatherapy or MYO Tea (choose one) Sugar Scrubs or lava Bead Bracelets (choose 1) and Spa Masks
    Relaxation Kit

  • Stuff A Bear Kits

    16” or 8” with all the supplies including, Skins, Individual Stuffing Packs, Wishing Stars, Birth Certificates, and a Custom T-Shirt
    Stuff a Bear Kist

  • Garden Kit

    Air Plants, Lucky Bamboo, Zen Gardens
    Garden Kit

  • Paint Your Own Kit

    Piggy Bank, Rock Painting, and either Wooden Surprise Item or SunCatchers
    Paint your own kit

  • Valentines Kit

    Message in a Bottle, Edible Sand Art Necklace, Silk Rose, Candy Hearts, Hershey Kisses

    • Valentines Unrequited Love Theme Kit: message in a Bottles, Edible Sand Art, Black Rose, Black Heart Scratch Art
  • Mardi Gras Kit

    Custom DIY Mardi Gras Masks, Decorate an Umbrella, Mardi Gras Beads

  • St Patrick’s Day Kit

    St. Patrick’s Day Kit: DIY Glasses, Tattoo’s, Hat, pot of Gold, Gold Coins, Lollipop, Bead Strands

  • Inspiration Jewelry Kit

    Custom Rings, Bracelets, Necklaces (Inscribed with inspiration words such as hope, Dream, Love, Joy, Wonder, Gratitude, Allow, etc…)

  • Cold Weather Kit

    Custom Camper Mugs with logo, Hot Chocolate, Tea, Apple Cider with Cinnamon Sticks

  • Custom Paint Kit

    All supplies and a custom screened canvas for a “paint by numbers” approach
    Custom Paint Kit

  • Treasure Hunt Kit


  • Mystery Box Kit

    Includes 3 random items, not guaranteed with any certain products or style, this kit is a completely random selection of 3 DIY kits. Each kit is guaranteed to have either Lava Bead Bracelets or Aromatherapy. Pick up one of our great mystery box kits to take advantage of savings!

  • Sensory Glitter Calm Jars

    Designed to soothe and relax, the swirling patterns created by glitter in these DIY Sensory Glitter Jars, are ideal for calming down a stressed out child (or adult, for that matter) and are just really too cool to look at!

  • String Art Kits

    String art is one of the most aesthetically pleasing DIY projects you can think of. Often referred to as pin-and-thread art, string art is an addicting artform that is inviting to the most experienced crafter and the newcomer alike. Hobbies such as string art are calming as well and provide numerous mental health benefits. From relieving stress and increasing brain function to improving your mood and cultivating your social life the benefits are endless but mostly it is just plain fun!

  • Marimo Ball Kits

    Marimo are considered a good luck charm for love and prosperity and are celebrated every year in Japan at the Marimo Matsuri or Spherical Algae Festival.

  • Custom Kits

    Pick from any of the items in the kits above and/or from the list below and we will create the kit of your choice.

    • Card Caddies
    • Pop Sockets
    • Custom Bear Shirts – Inspiration messaging, Aroma / Scented Bears
    • Piggy Banks
    • MYO “Slime”
    • MYO Hand Sanitizer
    • Air Fresheners
    • DreamCatchers
    • Custom Masks
    • Sand Art
    • Mug Painting

Also Available

Bath Bomb Kits

Pictures are not inclusive of the kit and are just an example, for exact details of your desired kit, please contact your sales representative.