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Photo Magazine Covers

Ever want to have your picture on a magazine cover of a cereal box? Now you can with Photo Magazine Covers from the Party People. When you book Photo Magazine Covers, a picture is taken and superimposed with green screen technology onto a choice of approximately 20 different magazine covers. When you’re done, your Photo […]

Photo Booth

Grab a friend and jump into the Photo Booth from the Party People. This classic Photo Booth never goes out of style and is a great add on to any event. The Photo Booth is also great for weddings, promotional events or a carnival themed event. General Features Touch Screen Navigation Mitsubishi Dye-Sub Printing System […]

Zen Gardens

Need a little simplicity in your life? Achieve that with Zen Gardens from the Party People. We’ll bring all the necessary supplies to create your own Zen Garden. Zen Gardens is available as one of our great Shippable Programs.          

Street Sign

The Street Sign shop from the Party People lets you customize a variety of signs. The Street Signs program let’s participants choose from different signs and input their own words. With over a dozen different sign layouts, you’ll be sure to find one that is perfect for you with our Street Sign event.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo from the Party People comes with live bamboo, choice of glassware, and different colored water storing marbles. Lucky Bamboo is one of our Shippable Events.   Great for Valentine’s Day, Check out our Heart Shaped Lucky Bamboo For A Twist—Spiral Lucky Bamboo

Birthday Chronicles

Choose one or all of these computer generated programs! The Birthday Chronicle is a newspaper style print out with the top headlines from the day you were born and fun facts about the year. Sands of Time offers a color printout highlighting key events from the day you were born throughout history. What’s In a […]

Wax Hands

Looking for a unique artistic event? Try Wax Hands from the Party People. With Wax Hands, we’ll dip your hand into the wax to create a customized wax sculpture. Then choose your colors to finish off your unique Wax Hand.     Also known as: wacky wax, wax hand molds, waxy wax

Tie Dye T-Shirts

Enjoy classic Tie Dye T-Shirts at your next event. Tie Dye T-Shirts from the Party People is a great hands on customized dying or spray painting of t-shirts program. Also known as tye dye t-shirts

Sun Catchers

Customize your own Sun Catchers with this great event from the Party People. To make your own Sun Catchers– choose from a variety of catchers and colored see thru paint. Your Sun Catcher also comes with suction cups so you can hang it on your window right away.  

Spin Art Frisbees

Let your creative side spin with Spin Art Frisbees from the Party People. Select from our variety of colors and press the button as you create your own Spin Art Frisbee. Spin Art Frisbees is great as individual event or as part of our Artistic Package.  

Sand Art

Sand Art is one of the original novelty events. Bring this classic to any event. Sand Art from the Party People comes with assorted colored sand and plastic bottle choices. Book the Sand Art individually or as part of our Tropical Themed Package Ask About our New Emoji Sand Art Ask About our Halloween Sand […]

Gel Candles

Make your own Gel Candles with this event from the Party People. We provide the glassware, gel, scents, candlewick and decorations for you to create your own Gel Candle. We provide the glassware, gel, scents, candle wicks and decorations to make the perfect gel candle or gel scape. If your organization can not do candles […]


Make your own Dream Catcher with this great program from the Party People. The Dream Catchers are leather wrapped rings with your choice of colors, sinew to string the Dream Catcher, assorted beads and feather to create a unique work of art that pays homage to the Native American tradition.

Candle Art

Create your own candle with Candle Art from the Party People. Candle Art Resembles sand art- participants choose a glass and fill it with granulated colored wax. The Party People will put a wick through the center and melt the top layer. Once cooled the Candle Art is yours to take home!

Murder Mysteries

Let our troupe of seasoned actors bring you a night of capers, crime and comedy. Choose one of our prepared “Scripts”, or we can customize one for your organization. Ask your Party People representative which one may be good for your group. New Murder Mystery Night Scenarios Murder by Chocolate Dan Crunkle, owner of Dan-Dee-Can-Dee, […]


Featured Hypnotists: Jim Spinatto – New Englands premiere hypnotist, will leave your audience in stitches, also ask about his brand new comedy magic show. http://www.jimspinnato.com Marshal Manlove is a certified Hypnotherapist, founder of First State Hypnosis in Delaware, and a former local sports television show host. He brings a unique and witty twist with him […]

Bungee Run Shootout

Fight against the bungee cord to get further down the lane then your opponent in the Bungee Run. Participants get strapped into a harness and start at the back of the Bungee Run. Each person gets a Velcro covered ball, which they try to get as far as they can along the Velcro strip that […]

Bungee Challenge

The Bungee Challenge is like tug of war with bungee cords! With the Bungee Challenge, stuff basketballs in a hoop- while your opponent tries to do the same, while attached to the same bungee cord! The first person to get three balls into the basket first wins this Bungee Challenge. The participants are strapped into […]

Island Oasis Slide

The Island Oasis Slide from the Party People is a great two-lane water slide. Doing your event indoors? No problem- the Island Oasis Slide can be run dry as well. With palm trees adorning the slide, the Island Oasis Slide is a great addition to any island or beached themed event.     also known […]

Dunk Tank

The Dunk Tank from the Party People is a must have for any carnival event. Prepare to get wet when you sit atop the Dunk Tank and watch as the crowd tries to hit the target and send you splashing into the water! Check out the Dunk Tank as part of our Wet-n-Wild Package!

Ultimate Sports Combo

Having a hard time choosing from our list of great inflatable events? Try the Ultimate Sports Combo! The Ultimate Sports Combo is a large moon bounce inflatable with interchangeable events. Choose from soccer, volleyball, basketball, twister or pedestal joust. You can change the event in the Ultimate Sports Combo as many times as you want […]

Speed Pitch

Do you know how fast you can pitch? Find out with Speed Pitch from the Party People. The Speed Pitch houses a radar system that displays the speed of your throw. The Speed Pitch is a great addition to any sports themed event!  

Human Foosball

Human Foosball is our life-sized version of table soccer! Human Foosball is surrounded by an inflatable arena; two teams of five try to score against each other while attached to poles. Human Foosball is great for any sports themed event!  

Home Run Challenge

America’s past time just got inflated with the Home Run Challenge from the Party People. The Home Run Challenge consists of a ball that floats on a column of air while participants try to hit a home run! Also known as: baseball game, T-ball challenge

Adrenaline Rush

The Adrenaline Rush is one of our largest inflatables. The Adrenaline Rush is three separate inflatable pieces that combine to make one large inflatable obstacle course. Race a friend through the Adrenaline Rush’s obstacle up the rock wall and down the slide to win. Get your juices flowing in this outstanding obstacle course. Our three […]

Moon Bounce

Make any event complete with a classic Moon Bounce from the Party People. Also, check out the Moon Bounce as a part of our Inflatable Package or Second Childhood Package.   Also known as: bounce house, castle bounce, bouncy castle

Castle Moonbounce

With the Castle Moon Bounce from the Party People, the classic moon bounce gets a royal makeover! The Castle Moon Bounce is great for themed parties or as a fun add on to any event.   Also known as: bounce house, castle bounce, bouncy castle

Twisting on Air

Revisit your childhood with Twisting on Air from the Party People. With Twisting on Air you can get twisted up while on top of an inflatable mat. Twisting on Air is a great addition to any event or as part of our Second Childhood package.   also known as: twister, inflatable twister

Trampoline Thing

Not enough room for the Bungee Extreme? Try the Trampoline Thing. The Trampoline Thing from the Party People, soar as high as 30 feet in the air. Don’t be afraid to try to do flips while in the air on the Trampoline Thing.       also known as: slingshot

Spider Web Wall

Looking for a fun, classic inflatable to add to your next event? Look no further then the Velcro Jumping wall from the Party People. Leap from the jumping station and get stuck to the Velcro Jumping wall.   Also known as: velcro jumping, human fly trap wall, jump and stick